Selection in repeat groups

I'm using a repeat group with two selections (aquatic or terrestrial habitats) based on a choice filter in the same repeat group; later on the form, respondents are asked to assign a value to each of the choices they've chosen, using index-repeat; but when choices are mingled, the labels for selection will not show (for instance "percentage of mangrove" -when it works properly, and "percentage of" when choices are mingled and the index corresponds to the other choice).

When put together on a repeat-group labels are shown (two labels per index, with the non-corresponding empty), but respondents may find it complicated, so I'd like to keep one repeat group for terrestrial and one for aquatic habitats.

the sum at the end does work ok, but since labels are not shown users can't know what they input.
I'm using odk v1.22.4; pyxform 0.13.1

Using two repeat groups
cocos_function.xlsx (42.6 KB)
Using one repat group for both habitats
cocos_function2.xlsx (10.8 KB)

Hi @eliodiaz

what about using relevance in that second repeat group? Please take a look what I edited in your form (It's highlight). I tested the form with my changes and it looks fine.
cocos_function2.xlsx (47.3 KB)