Send list of historical submissions by email/bluetooth etc

Export list of historical form submission Meta Instance IDs via email/file/bluetooth

The data manager realises that some forms have not arrived at aggregate server.
The field team insist that they have been completed and sent.
Each device can export and email/bluetooth/save a list of all forms (a) collected and saved (b) Collected and finalised and (c) finalised and sent to server on that device.
Data manager can reconcile submissions with received forms to help identify how data has gone missing.

Ideally submissions should always arrive. Have you had them not arrive? If so, what ended up being the problem?

I have personally experienced this in two different surveys. You could see from the tablet/phone a form is indicated as sent but it's not in the server. And sometimes it's critical data. @paul_macharia , you remember this? I wonder where they go to.

Hey Daniel Ouma,

Its been a while!!

Ideally, no forms fail to arrive. You may need to check on the submission Admin under Form management to finally submit any pending forms.

Sorry for lack of clarity here.

This is the hypothetical situation, hopefully more precisely put.

We need to enumerate the forms that have been collected and which will eventually be sent to aggregate, but connectivity in the field is poor (uploads are over a satellite modem or similar). We really want to have the number of forms that have been collected on each device, so that we can compare ones that have been completed to those we have received

Sending the file of IDs that exist for each form via whatsapp or similar doesn't damage data security but helps us to monitor project completeness in a small data packet.

i.e. a small file is emailed to us from each device, it tells us that on device one, 100 forms have been filled for form A and 200 forms for form B
From device 2 we get another data packet, telling us that there are 50 * form A and 20 * form B

i.e. we expect to eventually get

FORM A : 150 forms
FORM B : 220 forms

We've actually received 120 form A and 20 form B. The data we already have also tells us which device was used or something to that effect, so we know who to chase up for submitting data.

Really it is just a quick and dirty way to assess where missing forms might be found, so even a simple output of total number of forms collected on the device (by form) would be effective.

A 'send summary' button that displays on screen and/or emails a pre-specified address with an update on numbers would be really useful.

I understand the use-case better, so thanks for the clarification.

The data is in the instances DB, so it would definitely be possible to write an app that connects to that DB and sends that data to some place. I think some third party MDM solution might even be able to do that. Or this Tasker plugin.

I don't know the feature is broadly useful enough to go into Collect, but others should chime in if this is a needed feature.