Send phone number to dialer widget?

What is the general goal of the feature?
Our organization would like to have a "send phone number to dialer" widget. There would be a phone number (perhaps selected from a previous list) and a button to press. From XForm to Validate phone # I gather this feature is not yet built.

What are some example use cases for this feature?
Pre-load some phone numbers as a data attachment. Then within ODK, choose one number from a list, make a call, and continue with an ODK form (the phone call remains on speaker phone or with headsets).

What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?
I can create the widget with assistance from the community. What suggestions do you have for using various fields in an XlsForm? What current widget does this proposal resemble? We can call custom intents in ODK using the appearance field and starting value with "ex:", but we cannot specify the ACTION_DIAL action.

We've been thinking along similar lines with Sending a text message (SMS) or email from a form in Collect! Unfortunately the addition I made there has a bug that means this isn't supported. I've issued a fix at

After this change, any implicit intent (such as ACTION_DIAL) would be supported as long as a URI of the correct scheme is provided as the uri_data parameter value. For what you've described, that would look like ex:android.intent.action.DIAL(uri_data='tel:555-5555')

Here's a full form that shows a scenario like the one you've described:

The latest beta for 1.16.0 (ODK Collect v1.16 Beta) supports the form I have shared above. Please give it a try and let us know whether that works for you.

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This feature has shipped in ODK Collect v1.16.

Thank you! That is awesome!