Serial Bluetooth Widget


I would like to use ODK to capture some data output from a bluetooth serial channel, parse it the way I want it to, and return that data (a string) back to the ODK application. As I understand it, there is no widget to do this currently, so I am attempting to build a new widget, and I've been attempting to understand how the camera widget works to know how to build my widget.

So far, I understand that the widget factory is sent a request to open a particular widget based on the xml code in the form. The widget factory finds the matching widget with a switch case comparing FormEntryPrompt fep.getControlType() to Constants.CONTROL_INPUT etc... However, the Constants defined are part of Javaopenrosa, so clearly that is not where to define the new constant... I would greatly appreciate with some advice on where to define the constant... once I see that, I think I should be fine just following the camera widget code.

Thanks for the help!