Set up ODK Aggregate on WebSite server

Hello Dears ,

I am Ahmed, and I work in NGO, I used ODK Aggregate in my job.
I have problem with "" I can't update more information to ODK Aggregate , because it stop, and give me massage like : _" AppEngine Application Problem _
_A problem has occurred that prevents your App Engine application from responding"
So, did you have way to update/set up ODK Aggregate on"Internet Server" I mean "web server" for Example:
I have website:, and I want covert my website to be server of ODK Aggregate
Also, I need to sharing the data with Google sheet, and I see ODK Aggregate is the best program to help.

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Get a separate linux server with public IP. Install Tomcat 6 and MySQL 5. Then install ODK aggregate. Once done and configured, go to your domain's control panel, create a subdomain (like, and point its DNS entry to the ODK server's IP. This way, it will be part of your web domain, but will not mess with your original website.


So to clarify, when you say you want to convert your website to be an ODK Aggregate server, do you mean you don't mind losing what you already have there? Or do you want Aggregate to run alongside your existing content?


Dear Saad,

Thank you for reply, and I am sorry for lat replay.
So, How I can get a separate linux server with public IP, do you have any idea?


Dear Clint,

Thank you for replay,
I mean: "I want Aggregate to run alongside your existing content?", if it not possible, no problem for the other choice.


A lot of companies offer this. Look for dedicated servers or VPS with companies like namecheap, hostagtor, godaddy, etc. If you need cloud, go for Amazon AWS.



So, it's possible to do this but it may be more work than you want to do. What you'll have to do is set up Aggregate running on some private port or IP address. Then you'll want to configure your existing server (Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, whatever) with a mod_proxy-style setting to forward Aggregate-looking requests to the Aggregate server instead. Of course, you'll have to figure out what paths need to map to Aggregate and plumb them all through.

thank you Saad, and thank you Clint,

So, I have this cPanal, is it work for ODK Aggregate?

Please can you give the link of Tutorials about how I can update the ODK Aggregate to sever.
thank you both


cPanel has nothing to do with ODK Aggregate. Please learn to setup ODK on a standalone server with local installation. You will find tutorial on ODK official website. Once done and working, I can help you to define that server behind your domain URL (that's where you need cpanel).

You might not find a tutorial for doing everything, especially the non-ODK stuff. You need to learn it by hit and trial, or some external help from IT personnel.

Please go through with below link:

You need to read this first and I believe after this your problem will resolve.

you can go through with this now as well on youtube.

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Hello friends , i am looking for the way in which i can create servers like https:// .. so that i can be submitting forms and viewing them . to be an admin that is .