Setting roles for supervisor and Quality Assurer

I would like to set roles for my teams as follows, Enumerators to collect data, supervisors to review step before finalizing the forms, if the form is not well answered they should send notes to the enumerator without making changes to the form. Ensure the supervisor sends the finalized form.
How do I go about it. I have only set roles for the Enumerators who will be using the tablet. the Supervisor will use a laptop. I am using ODK Collect for data collection. and The Aggregate Server through Google Platforms

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Hi Tebo,

Once data is finalized and sent from the odk collect, it cant be updated on the device. You have a complex flow. If the review process is necessary, it has to be done at the the device level before finalizing and submitting. ie The supervisor must check the tablet before then finalize it. ie. This is going to be a lot of work for the supervisor/ supervisors.

Make sure you provide a proper training to your enumerators so that you reach a point of trusting them.

Thank you for your response,

Which means the Supervisor uses the same tablet that the enumerator has collected data on?
How do I ensure the Enumerator does not send finalized form in this case. and that the supervisor only views the saved form without making any changes to it?

Thank you

Yes, the Supervisor uses the same tablet.

You cant ensure any of that.

Why do you have complex review process? If you designed you form properly and trained you team well, you will get the data as collected. Unless the enumerator dont know what they are doing. Data quality check can be done once all data is submitted if an issue is seen, then correction can be done by re-entering the data or correcting the raw files.

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Thank you for your response. Please advise on a simpler review process since we already have Supervisors onboard.

I see a legitimate need for supervisors to give feedback on the data quality and data issues, but I always struggle with how people design a protocol to get it done. This case and the way Worldbank Survey Solutions are examples. How do supervisors know the right answers so that they can finalize the instances? To me it’s likely the data will be “cooked”.

I think the enumerators should alway be the ones to finalize an interview they started. If supervisors see errors, they should return it back as it’s not qualified. This is a proper protocol in my view.

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There is no simple review.

I find Trung comments very accurate.

As i said previously data quality check can be done once data is submitted, if there is issue, then correction can be done by re-entering the data or correction the raw data.

What they want is for the Supervisor to be able to access data from multiple tablets before it is sent. Since you are saying it is not possible i am just stuck now.

If it’s really important to you, please PM me. Our rtSurvey platform supports the submit-check-return protocol. It’s compatible with xforms.

Can we talk offline if possible

I will send you a private message.

Hi Trung,
Thank you for your contributions in the forum , they are really helpful.
I have an issue in creating a submit - check return protocol in my odk form. Could you kindly assist ?
I will be more than grateful.