Setting up dynamic select on XSL forms

Hi @yanokwa, @LN , I have a problem and I hope you can help me solve. I am building a form for a survey at the household level. and for each we have a repeat for each house member. we ask if that person slept under a bed net the previous night.
we also have a repeat for bed nets that were observe and we ask who slept under each the previous night. so trying to relate each member who was reported to have spent the night under a net, to a particular net type.
my question is.. how is it possible to create a dynamic select with the names of people who slept under a net appearing on a select multiple ?

thank you.

Hi Oliver,

Sorry for delay response. Hope you got help on this one, else let me know.

Not yet @rigs,
I am really struggling with it. my colleague a software developer did it but in XML. but I will really like to do it in XSL if it is possible


Just for my clarification, assuming you have five people in a HH as (A,B,C,D,E). Who may sleep under a net or not

Your require a multi select question to filter out and allow you to choose where the HH members slept under a net or not?

@rigs, not really. so for each we like to know if they slept under a net ot not.
now we start to observe all bed nets in the house and ask who slept under each of them. so this observation is a repeat for each net and we want a select_multiple with as choice the name of people who slept under a net, so that we can chose and move to the next net. this is because we want to link net usage to net type

Hi @oliviertresor,

I encourage you to search the forum thoroughly.

Check out the below link, I believe you will get some better idea of how to implement this

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Thanks @dicksonsamwel, Ill do so

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