Setup ODK Central on Google Cloud Platform

Hi support team
Pls help me on instruction document of setting up ODK Central on Google Cloud? I cant do myself with current document.

Thank you.

Hi @dmtk41,

Have you checked out the documentation, there are some great instructions on how to install odk cental on some cloud platform that even the developers use and there are great resources as well. Check out the docs

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Hi @dicksonsamwel,
I've read the docs but I need more detail. Something like the Central set up on Digital Ocean instruction is perfect.
Or some guide to set up Docker on GCP.
In fact, I've followed some guide out there to set up Docker on GCP but then failed to install Central, I don't know what i am missing.

Hello once again,

Nice to know that you have checked it out.

Am not an expert but in that, may be others could provide some insights. But in order to do that, can you provide what guide you followed to set it up, and what was the issue that you encounter? Attach some logs/screenshots if possible

Hi @dicksonsamwel,
Here is what I did:
1/Create a VM instant on GCP as below:

  • 1 vCPU; 3.75GB memory
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • 30GB disk
    -Allow full access to all Cloud API
  • Allow http and https traffic

    2/ Log into the VM and install docker by run curl -sSL https: // | sh
  • Add user to docker group by run: sudo usermod -aG docker dmtk41
    3/ Download central software by run: git clone
    4/ Go in to central and update it:
  • cd central
  • git submodule update -i
    Step 3 and 4 run much faster than when I do set up on Digital Ocean. I guess the issue happen at these steps
    5/ Edit nano .env as instruction
    6/ Run docker-compose build but it doesnt know the docker-compose build command and ask me to run snap install docker and apt install docker-compose

That's what i did and I think thing go wrong.
I think It's better to come to the forum for more detail instruction.