Several repeat groups and linking answes

Dear all,

Ask this question for all member of the household before asking each member
who responds to yes C2 -E5
I am asking only one question for all household members "C.1 Was
${namefromearlier2} sick with fever within the last 2 weeks?" using repeat
group (sick), after that question I will like to ask each member a set of
questions (I only put C2, but I have until C12) but only to the members who
responds "yes" (${q_c1}=1) in the first question C.1. The way that is now,
is not working, is like once that the first repeat group is closed, the
information is not saved, any ideas???? Thank you!!! Pamela. (the form is
attached too)

typenamelabelrelevancecalculationrepeat_countbegin repeatsickSECTION C:
HEALTH SEEKING count(${names})calculatenamefromearlier2 indexed-repeat(${name},
${names}, position(..)) select_one yes_noq_c1C.1 Was ${namefromearlier2}
sick with fever within the last 2 weeks? end repeatsick begin repeat
sick2SECTION C: HEALTH SEEKING count(${names})calculatenamefromearlier3 indexed-repeat(${name},
${names}, position(..)) integerq_c2C.2 How many days ago did
${namefromearlier3}'s fever start? ${q_c1}=1 end repeatsick2

repeat_group.xlsx (33.1 KB)