Share your BIGGEST or slowest form and win a badge!

As part of my Google Summer of Code project, I'm improving the edit form and jump to prompt screens in ODK Collect (see the Github issue for more).

In order to make sure that my improvements don’t cause problems, please post your biggest or slowest forms or forms with a lot of nested groups/repeats! Your forms will help us reduce the risk of crashes, so include as many as you can.

This is a public forum, so make sure you have the permission to share the forms before posting them! And when you do post them, try to include the following information:

  • The device(s) you have used it on
  • The time it takes to load
  • Challenges faced by enumerators when navigating the forms

The person with the most epic form (as judged by @yanokwa) will be rewarded with a :sparkles: Form Ninja :sparkles: Discourse badge for their contribution to making ODK better!


I'm not entering the contest since they're not my forms but here are a couple to look at:

  • eIMCI - oldy but goody with lots of logic. Swiping from one prompt to the next is often slow. It takes about 5 seconds to load on a Galaxy Tab A.

  • SOAR facility survey - @Mary_Qiu shared this great form a couple of months ago. It also takes about 5 seconds to load on a Galaxy Tab A. The jump screen/hierarchy view takes about 2 seconds to load.


Here are two forms used in an OpenSRP deployment in Pakistan for vaccinator workers - child enrollment and follow-up.

child_vaccination_enrollment.xlsx (258.8 KB)
child_vaccination_followup.xlsx (271.8 KB)


Here's another one being used for monitoring agric and nutrition activities...ODK_FILES_FOR_SP_MONITORING_VER_ONE.xlsx (1.2 MB)


The WHO 2016 Verbal Autopsy form (not entering the competition, form not mine)
WHOVA2016_v1_4_1_XLS_form_for_ODK.xlsx (50.1 KB)



NIHR_echo.xls (167 KB)

This is designed to be used on enketo with the theme-grid style but it is probably the longest one I've ever coded at least. Child health screening/rare diseases. For Cambridge NIHR:

If I remember it has quite a few groups but don't think it has any repeats. I was quite happy implementing a 'would you like to give measurements in imperial or metric' option to several of the questions.


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Hi all! I've gone through these forms and awarded Good Form badges to everyone who participated because their forms were exceptional and made the community a whole lot better off!

The winner of the competition is @Carolyn_Gulas1! She has been awarded the coveted Great Form badge because her forms were inspiring and insightful. Thanks for your contribution, Carolyn!


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Since this competition for "Worst Form Ever That Brings Collect To Its Knees" has apparently ended - ie a 'winner' has been officially declared - perhaps we should consider re-opening it for the 2019 GSoC? :slightly_smiling_face:

[sorry, but @ln did rather open this particular Pandora's box with Automated benchmarks in JavaRosa - #5 by nribeka ... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ]

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I'm happy to keep giving out awesome badges in exchange for awesome forms!


I am positive that we will come to know many awesome and tricky form for this event .


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So I’d like to nominate @maxeber as a potential worthy recipient to bestow your (dubious?) accolade... If perhaps not for “Best Designed Form” then at least “Longest” - I’m sure 10,000 lines is a new ODK World Record! :grin: [at a minimum he probably deserves a reward for perseverance... haha]

But you’d better be quick, I’m confident after the next revision he may lose this world title... :wink:

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Will a 4,525 line ODK form be a contender? It is also quite well designed with numerous logics, groups, repeat statements, external lookups, etc. In addition, it is translated into 2 languages English and French.

As an Excel file it is a cool 4.5MB.

"Bring it on"... I cant wait to see it! :grin: