Show a question/field with multiple "relevant" criteria

I am asking for an "Other" text field to be used if a person selects 'unknown' in a previous question by putting ${Species}= 'Unknown' in the relevant colum.

However, if I have 40 plant species that have unknown.genus as a possible choice selection. I know I can use the following
${Species}= 'Unknown.ACANTHACEAE' or ${Species}= 'Unknown.AIZOACEAE' or ${Species}= 'Unknown.AMARANTHACEAE' ..... etc

I would like to use a script that can include all answers with 'Unknown' in them to be relevant.

I have tried
${Species}= 'Unknown.*'
${Species}= Unknown

Is this even possible or must I type 40 optional answers in the relevant field?

Thanks for any help.

I haven't tried it, but starts-with(${Species},'Unknown.') should work. has more on this.

Brilliant. Thanks Yanokwa that works :tada: