Showing submissions with labels instead of fields names on Aggregate

I'm devloppeing my own application to manage submissions and feedbacks of users on each submission.
i'm using Aggregate API to get forms and submissions.
Now I'm faced to a challenge to show the submissions to the user, you know that data of submissions returned by call to view/downloadSubmission are composed of xml tags and values, tags represent the names of fileds of the origin XForms items.
I need to show the submission data by their labels (example: "Name" instead of "g_name_charged_person") and labels instead of vaues in select tag ...
I thought to call the original xml: http://localhost/ODKAggregate/www/formXml?formId=form_id&readable=true 1 and then parse the returned XML to find the labels , .. but may be there is a cleaner way to do it
also I thought maybe there is another API to use to have labels on aggreagte by giving related items names ...

any one can advice please, thx

Hi everyone, I have the same question as @aymenelj
Basically I was wondering if there was any way of getting the data from the API with the labels?

Second unrelated question, is there any way to query the data coming out with the API to have it filtered? (perhaps with the GET request or something)

Any help would be super appreciated!