SIlly question on Central Management. (Projects in ODK Cloud vs. Self-hosting installation)

Hi guys, Long story short my organization is currently using Survey To Go to perform data collection tasks, but soon we will reach the end of "agreement" (in this case interview number) and we are considering to move out from STG.

I've read that basic ODK CLoud plan offers a "single space project".
My silly question is: "Single space project" means that we will be able to perform only one survey at the time?

Our current scenario is as follows, this week we begin to collect data on some agricultural issues and this task will be running for , lets say 3 weeks. But during the scheduled 2nd week of data collection, we need to go out with another data collection task, lets say "market research" or "public opinion".

If we opt for ODK Cloud, can we perform simultaneously the data collection for both tasks (agriculture and health) or we need to pay a subscription for each one?
If each data collection must to be performed in a separete subscription, we can consider to self-host ODK to keep up the pace with our data collection needs and ask you professional help during the installation and further needs?

Thanks in advance and receive our best regards from Guatemala

Hi @NeriMartinez in the "How many project spaces do I need?" section of it says...

A single project space has unlimited forms and unlimited data collectors and lets you assign specific forms to specific data collectors. Most find a single project space is all they need.

Multiple project spaces are designed for those that need separation by team or country such that a user of one project space cannot view data from another.

Did you see that text? I believe that it answers your questions, but if it doesn't let me know so I can improve that language and reduce the confusion!

So to be explicit, you can run multiple surveys/forms. And you can assign each of those forms to specific groups of data collectors (e.g., the agriculture data collectors and the market research data collectors). But in a single project space, your data managers will be able to see and manage forms and data from both the agriculture and market research efforts.

If you have any feedback on how I can make the website clearer, please let me know!

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Sorry, i guess i miss that part. :stuck_out_tongue:

it's clear enough for us, i think our next step will be to request a demo for ODK Cloud.

Thanks Yaw!!!