Skip a question if the response in two preceding questions is the same

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Dear ODK Users,
In a form I am building, I have three related questions - The first (Q300) asks about the CURRENT source of drinking water, while the next (Q301) asks about the PREVIOUS source. The third question (Q302) asks about the reasons for stopping or changing the source of drinking water. I would want the third question to be skipped if the answer in the two previous questions is the same. In other words, Q302 should only appear if the current and the previous sources of water are different same. Any ideas on how to achieve this? See attached form

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water_survey_2019.xlsx (14.9 KB)
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Hi @Musinguzi_Polycarp
you could just use ${Q300}!=${Q301} in Q302 relevant but it relays on choice names which don't match in your sheet.
For example, the name of Public handpump Borehole in main_source_of_water is 4 but in previous_source the same option is 1. They should have the same names and then ${Q300}!=${Q301} will work.

I edited your form implementing the mentioned changes, please take a look: water_survey_2019.xlsx (9.5 KB)


Thank you @Grzesiek2010
I went back and harmonized the choice names and labels and it now works as desired. What I notice though is that where the Option 11 (Others) is selected in which case one would have to specify what it is, Question 302 will be skipped no matter what that other option was. But I guess that's the compromise for using this command or is there another way out. Thanks