Skip condition

Is it possible to skip to a previous question? Case: If a yes/no question (E.g., Is information entered correct?) returns no, meaning the information entered is incorrect, skip to a previous question so as to re-enter correct data


As far I know, there is no option available to jump back to the previous question with skip logic. From your example, my understanding is: if you would like to check or correct an asnwer of your previous question, you may simply swipe back and check the question.


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Normally you can easily manually navigate back in your Android device to the relevant question and alter the answer. This is the way we do it in the field.


@BenMuchoki you can test this form, in this form if a female is saying is that she is married and she never has periods than there is a note and user have to go on back to respectieve question you can enter question number there and then make correct option. Go through with this form once. Give me feedback, if I understand your question or not? BCQ-v05.xlsx (13.0 KB)

Thanks all (@A.N.M_AL-IMRAN, @Souirji_Abdelghani, @Stalker) for your very useful feedback to my query. @Stalker, your suggestion and the form you shared have given me a solution to my problem.