Skip logic questions

need to skip some choices NRW_Data_Entry_Form.xlsx (26.0 KB)
on row 21 when you select "yes" the form should allow me to fill customer details and when i select "No" i should skip to connection details that is row 28

NRW_Data_Entry_Form.xlsx (21.5 KB)
Try this one


thanks a lot bro it has worked let me try to apply to others questions

Please i cant download the files so that we can learn from it i am having similar issue too.

send me your file i will help you

I am the one who posted the file can i send it to you? we i was helped and fixed most of the errors. whtasapp me if you need the file

If you haven't already, please review Conditionally Showing Questions in the online docs, which describes how to use the relevant property to implement show/hide logic. Note, this can be used on both individual questions or, if you wish to hide several questions based on the same condition, it can be applied to groups.

Thank you all, i have gotten it its working perfectly now,