Skip logic when a range of choices is selceted

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I want an alternative to this type of coding( ${4rw}=1, or ${gdd}=2, or ${jff}=3). I want a shorter code that will just give the range form 1 to 3

What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?

ODK Collect v1.8.1
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You can use make a group with begin group-end group. And if you can give your form if you don't mind than this will be more helpful for us to resolve your problem.

If the things you are checking are in three variables (e.g., ${4rw}, ${gdd}, ${jff}), there is no way to reduce that code.

What you can do is store the result of that in a separate calculate variable and refer to that at a later point in the form.

There was some discussion around adding a convenience function like this at the XLSForm level a while ago here. Expressing interest there and providing feedback on how the function should be structured would be helpful.