Skipping questions in ODK BUILD

Hello ODK family, hope you are all well. I need assistance in skipping questions in ODK Build. Below are screenshots of the sample question and choices whereby Screenshot (01) indicates the question circled in green while screenshot (02), (03) and (04) indicate the choices.
Kind regards.

Hi @Collins_Mbogo,

In the at the bottom of right pane of the ODK Build window, there is a collapsible section titled Advanced. When you expand it, the first box labelled Show question if will allow you to enter the relevance expression for a question.

E.g. If question B ( data name = q_b) is supposed to be asked / showed if question A (date name = q_a) is not empty, the relevance expression for question B will be ${q_b} != ''

or if question B is asked if the value for question A is lets say equipment_1, then the relevance expression for question B will be ${q_a} = 'equipment_1'

I hope this helps.