Skipping Questions is not reflect suddenly , When i tested in my android phone

Hi there,

I had this issue when I had multiple questions in one field list and one of
those questions determined if a later question within the same field list
would be relevant.
E.g. Imagine the below scenario.
Begin group (field-list)
Q1. Have you ever eaten pizza?
Q2. Cool, what's your favorite toping? (relevant only if person
answered 'yes' to Q1)
End group (field-list)
Q3. Do you like music?

The only way I found to fix this (and there might be others) was to remove
either the independent (Q1) or dependent (Q2) question from the field list.
Otherwise I had your problem AND an added one: Even if I made Q2 required,
if I used my PDA and answered 'yes' to Q1, I was still able to skip ahead
to the next question (Q3) without answering Q2.

Hope this helps

··· On Friday, March 1, 2013 5:35:58 AM UTC, wrote: > > Hello, > One great feature of ODK Collect is the ability to skip a question based > on the response to a previous question. > > relevant ----- selected(${likes_pizza}, ‘yes’) > > > Its working fine in web-page . I.e when i am working on web-page its > reflects suddenly . > > if "true" : "then" part is visible and i entered ,else not. > > > But major problem is that . "then" part 'visible' or 'not-visible' > doesn't reflect suddenly on my android phone. > if i forward and again backward to the same page it reflect . > > ( same problem in drop down list also) > > I want to the reflection happen on same time on my android phone... can > any one help me >