Skipping Questions is not reflect suddenly, when i tested in my android phone,

It sounds like you want relevance to immediately respond within a group of
questions displayed on a single screen. I do not believe that this is
possible with Collect. Rather, you will need to put the questions on
separate screens in order for the relevance behavior to work. That's
because Collect calculates relevance once, at the beginning of a screen,
and does not re-calculate as answers change within the screen.



··· On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 7:35 AM, wrote:

One great feature of ODK Collect is the ability to skip a question based
on the response to a previous question.

relevant ----- selected(${likes_pizza}, ‘yes’)

Its working fine in web-page . I.e when i am working on web-page its
reflects suddenly .

if "true" : "then" part is visible and i entered ,else not.

But major problem is that . "then" part 'visible' or 'not-visible'
doesn't reflect suddenly on my android phone.
if i forward and again backward to the same page it reflect .

( same problem in drop down list also)

I want to the reflection happen on same time on my android phone... can
any one help me



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Dear @crobert and @Kanhu,

I'm having a similar issue using ODK Collect in my Samsung Galaxy S7 Android-based phone. When I test my forms online in the Enketo preview the logic sub-questions which depend on a relevant response to a prior question appear immediately (even on the same page).

I am unsure how long these Enketo previews last, but here is one I just tested yesterday.

However, in ODK Collect, those relevant dependent questions only appear if I go back or go forward a page and then return back to the page of my current progress through the form. As I have a form with many relevant dependent questions, this behavior of ODK Collect can be very challenging.

Has this issue been addressed in any way since this original post in March 2013? If not, is there any possibility to request this capability (which seems native to Enketo) be added to ODK Collect?


Relevance and calculation values are determined when the screen advances, which does not happen between questions that are grouped on the same page. Therefore, including a question and its dependent together in a field list will not work as expected.

This is documented at It's an improvement we'd like to make, but no current ETA.

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Thanks @yanokwa. This is very helpful context. Maybe someone with Enketo may be willing to contribute to this improvement in the ODK Collect app since they have somehow coded a way for the relevance and calculation values to immediately appear (and in their proper question order) on their XML webpages?

@halknowles It's a known problem (filed at and unfortunately it's not an easy thing to fix.

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Thanks @yanokwa. I'm deeply grateful for your speedy responses and for your continued contributions to ODK. I'll design our forms accordingly and keep on the look out for any future fixes.

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