Skipping to starting points for groups of questions without using relevant?

I am trying to use the Malawi Developmental Assessment Tool with ODK. This is a test for children 0-6yrs old, in which the child progresses through 30-something tasks in each of 4 categories. The child continues advancing until they fail 7 tasks in a row.

Obviously, not all children need to start at the first task for each category. A 4 year old child will be able to do most of the tasks, and it is a waste of time to start with the tasks appropriate for infants <1 year. My interviewers have asked me to hide all the questions that are not relevant so they can move through the forms more quickly. Currently, they are taking about 2x what the MDAT team says should be the time needed per participant.

Is there any way to start at a specified question based on the child's age (we already have it defined in the form, say it is ${age}) ? I do not want to completely hide previous questions in case the child is developing slowly and the interviewers need to go back to answer earlier questions. Can this be done without using a series of relevant statements?

You could have a note that tells them to skip ahead to a particular section and instruct your enumerators on how to use the jump menu: