Slow behaviour taking pictures?

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
I'm wondering if someone can explain the slow behaviour of ODK Collect between taking a picture, and getting an "OK", and then tapping OK and getting back into the form. It sometimes feels quite slow to me (and frequently I think my phone's frozen or something). I just thought it was maybe my phone, but had someone else in the field make a comment to me about it, so at least thought I'd ask here.

Does anyone else have this problem? Where taking/saving an image seems very slow? Is there a reason behind this, just so I understand? Not sure if it's an interaction between ODK and the camera or something? Thanks for your help!

2. What app or server are you using and on what device and operating system? Include version numbers.
ODK Collect 1.28.4

What is your device? What version of Android does it run? How many seconds does it take? Do you have max-pixel configured either in the form or in Collect?

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You are using a separate camera app so if it's slow

between taking a picture, and getting an "OK"

it's because of that app not ODK Collect.

if it's slow:

between tapping OK and getting back into the form

it might be on our side for example as @LN noticed if you use max-pixel to scale an image but I doubt it's the case.
What camera app is that? If it's annoying maybe try different camera apps.

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Thanks @LN and @Grzesiek2010 .

I've got a Samsung Galaxy A5. Running Android version 8.0.0.

In terms of seconds (counting "1 mississippi" in my head on my phone right now)

  • 5 seconds from pressing "take picture" to showing "OK".
  • 9 mississippi from pressing OK to it going back into the ODK question.

I'm not sure if that's helpful or if that's slow or within the realm of normal.

I don't have max-pixel configured - but after watching another recent thread about max-pixel might want to do that...however currently it's not enabled.

The camera app is just the one that comes installed on the Samsung, not sure about further specifications on that one?

Hope that clarifies somewhat better, thanks for the questions!

I have never seen picture taking close to that slow. On my Galaxy Tab A running Android 5.1, each operation takes under a second. Have you tried a reboot? Have you tried taking outdoor photos with daylight? Are you using the front or rear camera? I agree with @Grzesiek2010 that hardware or the camera app are the most likely culprits. Can you try another photo app from the Play Store?

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:laughing: ooooooh kay. Well that's good to know...I will do some experimenting with my own phone then, and I'll send the same questions to my colleague in the field to see if he can also explain in more detail the behaviour he's experiencing on his device. Thanks for the advice.

I would also look for answers on forums like maybe you will be able to find something interesting.