Slow uploads of data from tablets to Aggregate

Hi Everyone,

We have a server that is hosting a number of ODK instances for the different projects that we have. But lately we have been experiencing extremely very slow data uploads from the tablets to aggregate on one of the instances. The other instances are working fine. Is there a way of optimising the instance or is it the problem with MySQL server?. All the other instances are have their databases on the same MySQL server

This is going to be very deployment specific.

You'll need to look at memory, processor, and disk load on your server and see if there is a bottleneck. Then look at your Tomcat and MySQL logs and see if there are any hints.

Back then, we had the same issue.

In our case, it's because of uploading images. If your forms have image uploads, you might want to take a look at the file sizes of the images being uploaded and check it relative to the connection bandwidth your end-users have.

For us, that's where we found our bottleneck.


Thank you, it has now improved significantly, we increased buffer memory size of MySQL. it seems the bottleneck was being created by the small size of memory for MySQL

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