SMS sending not working


I was excited to see form sending via SMS in v1.16.0 first and then v1.16.1 as well. Somehow, neither of them sent the SMS from my phone. I tried both national and international format of destimation numbers, as well as different operator sims and phones. I am wondering if it is still work-in-progress or something. Should I wait for some fix, or report it as a bug?


Please always fill out the full support template so someone can actually help you! What are you seeing after you send? Have you followed the instructions at and made sure your form has SMS tags? Can you share your form here?

Hi Helene,

Let me read the page and get back to you. I assume I am missing few things.


Hi Saad, I think you have finally done it.
Can you share with us how you achieve sms submission with ODK ?
I still have this warning when submitting my form : form have no "tag" SMS
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Hello. If you are using compact_tag correctly, it should work fine.

See the attached file. It is a working sample. sample_xlsform.xlsx (12.2 KB)

Let me know if I could help any more.

Thank @Saad for your quick reply.
I wil try and let you know.
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Hi @Saad,
Still have the same issue.
Can you told me :

  • the version of the mobile app you use and where to download it
  • The agreggate server you use and the version (URL if applicable)

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Please send me your source XLS file.

Are you having an issue in compiling the XML file? If so, then aggregate has nothing to do with it.

I just use your sample file for that and upload it on kobotoolbox.
What I can remark is the xml file don't include compact_tag in his structure.
I have insert it myself but by editing the xml form file and also the database instance file also without any result. Always the same warning : No tag SMS found.

here is my edited xml : sms_tag_test.xml (1.4 KB)

I am attaching the compiled XML file, which was made via ODK XLSForm Offline tool. sample_xlsform.xml (1.3 KB)

I haven't worked with kobotoolbox. This file works perfectly fine on ODK though.

Great !!!

I will test right now and let youk know.

Le ven. 2 nov. 2018 à 07:56, Saad Omer a écrit :

Thank @Saad, Your example file worked fine.
I have located the issue on my side. I think kobotoolbox don't take in charge the configuration for SMS when loading the file.
I will do it myself by loading it manually and do some stuff for the configuration by hand.
Again Thank for sharing and support.
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