Some forms in web doenst appear in tablet

What is the problem? Please be detailed.
Hello, we use odk apps for collecting data but in the moment where i get blank form to the server, all my forms doesnt appear, there are some forms that exists in my account but not appear in the list of from in my tablet??

What steps can we take to reproduce the problem?
click get blank form in app and verify the number of existing form then compare it with the number of from deployed in web

What you have you tried to fix the problem?
i've redeployed all my forms but nothing change


could you provide more info?
Collect version
Aggregate version (if you use it).

How many forms are not available?

hi @Grzesiek2010
odk collect v1.13.2

i have 28 forms deployed in web but only 20 forms appears in tablet

And what server are you using and what version of that server?

we are using Kobotoolbox to develop our form, is it that the server?

@Louisua_RASOANANDRAS. And it's the server that decides what forms show in ODK Collect. You should contact the Kobo team at for help.