Some questions won't show up in ODK

Help - this is my first attempt at using anything like this, I used Excel to construct my questions (actually I modified my supervisor's spreadsheet, but his works fine) and uploaded it to ONA, but when I check on ODK (v 1.21.2) on the tablet some of the questions don't show up, I have highlighted them in yellow in the attached spreadsheet.

I have read lots of ODK help files and when I do the pizza example it works fine, but not in this survey. I can tell it has to do with the skip logics, but cannot get it to work.

Also the blue highlighted skip logic (36/37) does not work, although at least the questions do show up.

Your assistance is most appreciated!Survey_Jaci_4c_Afr.xlsx (75.9 KB)

Your problem is in line 8 where you have:

relevant = selected(${participate_willing}, 'willing')

However, your ${participate_willing} choice list is:

participate_willing	bereid
participate_willing	nie-bereid

So its never going to match the string 'willing' in ${participate_willing}. And because all the following questions are relevant on this question, they aint going to show up either.... D'oh! :slight_smile:

The strings you try to match in a selected() statement must precisely match what's in your actual choice list names.