Specifying image size when retrieving via URL in ODKAggregate

Hi all!

When I'm accessing a photo submitted to ODKAggregate via URL (say with the encoded version of this: https://mydeployment.com/ODKAggregate/view/binaryData?blobKey=enroll_20[@version=null and @uiVersion=null]/data[@key=uuid:273aa675-924b-4455-b3a2-3961192d7876]/photo), is there anything I can pass in the URL request to specify the size of the image? e.g. specifying that I want a 2000x2000 image returned?

Alternatively, is there a pre-set size larger than the thumbnail generated by previewImage=true but smaller than the full size photo?


Hi @jgraham
It is not possible but in Collect, you can set the size of images Restricting the size of images - #4 by Grzesiek2010

Btw. have you hear about ODK Central it's our new and recommended server, ODK Aggregate is no longer actively maintained.

Ah got it, thank you! I am yes, it just hasn't made sense for us to switch yet.