SSL with aggregate

Aggregate failling to load on 8443, when run localhost:8443, I reach tomcat page, however after installing aggregate and exploading the war file, from the aggregate help page in the war directory it shows url as port:8080 and not port:8443 yet i specified ssl during installation of aggregate, when I click on it it does not load aggregate

Am running Aggregate 1.4.15, tomcat 7 and installed pkcs #7 certificate into keystore

I edited the XML tomcat page to read

<Connector executor="tomcatThreadPool"
           port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1"
           redirectPort="8443" />

Any help will be much appreciated

The Aggregate's file specifies the ports Aggregate will try to use. These ports can be set using the installer or manually. If you explode the war you will find an ODKAggregate-settings.jar and in that jar is the file that will show the port that Aggregate is trying to use. Summary: ODKAggregate.war -> WEB-INF/lib/ODKAggregate-settings.jar/

You may want to try rerunning the installer again as an easy first step and re-entering the ports.

Also, I think this is a copy and paste error in your post since you state localhost:8443 is working and you get a tomcat page. However, the code snippet you copied in your post appears to be commented out because it has the beginning of comment "<!--" before the connector block.

Thanks Brunette for the reply
I have edited the xml file to

<!-- A "Connector" represents an endpoint by which requests are received
     and responses are returned. Documentation at :
     Java HTTP Connector: /docs/config/http.html
     Java AJP  Connector: /docs/config/ajp.html
     APR (HTTP/AJP) Connector: /docs/apr.html
     Define a non-SSL/TLS HTTP/1.1 Connector on port 8080


I have rerun aggregate selecting SSL, 8080 for http and 8443 for https.
I can reach tomcat, as below, though it first talks of connection being

However for aggregate I bounce as below