startTime greater than endTime


I have noticed some funny trend in my dates.
Some instances in my data have startTime greater than endTime.
This data is collected using ODK collect.

Hi @ferd
Are you able to reproduce the issue?
Is the issue visible just on one device?

Hi @Grzesiek2010,
This happens in several devices.

I have attached a screenshot of some of the observations. You will notice from the bottom right of the screenshot that there are over 1600 observations with the problem spanning across several years.

This is just one of the datasets I work.

Could you attach that form?

Also, what versions of Collect are you using? And what versions of the server? And how exactly are you generating this CSV?

Hi @Grzesiek2010 and @yanokwa,

The aggregate server version we are using is 1.5.0 which we upgraded this year from 1.4.13. Yet we still have the some instances of this in 2019 (just that I could not screenshot all)

Most of our data collectors are currently using collect v1.17 and 1.18.2 Its not very easy to explain the collect version because there have been updates and as you might see this issues spans over a few years.

The csv was downloaded using odk briefcase v1.11.2.
Please find a extract of how we collect the metadata.
Community_survey.xlsx (11.6 KB)

You attached a screenshot from you exported csv file but could you check values in Aggregate? Are those values the same there or they changed after exporting?

It might be system date/time setting of the device.

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Please see a screenshot from the server ( This is from one of the users) indicating the wrong time

Notice the same user has a correct time on the same day

Well this is a peculiar problem! Would you happen to have the /odk folder with one or two of the bad submissions?

My guess is that the devices are somehow getting their times changed. Maybe there's a bug on the operating system of device? Or the devices are set to network time and network time is wrong? Or maybe someone is changing the time zone?