Static image as note field

What is the problem? Please be detailed.

Can you insert a static image into a form to provide /illustrate how to do a task (i.e like the note question type but in jpeg format- for measuring a tree for example) see attached image.

I can not find any information about this approach is it possible?

Please see

This is missing from the ODK docs because there's some uncertainty about where exactly to put it ( if you have a suggestion, that would be very helpful. Did you expect the information somewhere and not find it?

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Depending on your programming skills, there was an ODK app that did the calculations "RangeFinder"

It has been dormant for MANY MANY years (like 8 years). If you have the funding or the programming skills it might be something to look into to resurrect. It was meant for determining information about Trees.

That's cool, @W_Brunette!

To be clear, the range finder app is not related to the question about inserting images in a form. It's a standalone external application that implements an idea similar to the one in the image @Wildscapes posted using the device sensors. See this article for the technique it implements. It doesn't look like it actually can be called from a Collect external value question so it would be used as a separate app and the value would have to be manually entered.

Yes, thanks @LN for clarifying that while my addition was relevant to the question/topic, it was a tangent and not an immediate answer to the problem.

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Thank you @Xiphware and @LN, the suggestions and infomation you have given is much appreciated. I think that is what I will do the link option. I will try implementing it this week having to focus my ti.e else where at the minute.

Please note, my hint URL is just something I added to my own custom XForms client app (iXForms); its not supported by ODK Collect at this time. So please refer to @LN's link for showing question pictures in Collect today.

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