Submission of data from ODK Collect to ODK Aggregate

I can't submit data collected with ODK Collect to my server.
I created a form with ODK Build, updload it on the server.
On my ODK Collect, I put server information and get the form from the server.

But after I fill the form, When I try to send it to the server, I get a error message :
'Not found'
See the picture.

What can I do ?

Is there someone to help me, please ?

This typically means that the form that is on Collect does not match the form on Aggregate. Did you perhaps update the form on Aggregate but not on Collect? Or maybe you deleted a form on Aggregate and still have it on Collect?

Thanks for your answer.
But the problem was else where. I just solved it.

I had two problems in the server configuration :

  1. The e-mail address that I granted access to these documents (form) was not the same I use on my ODK Collect (username/password).
  2. On the option 'Data to Publish' I choosed 'Upload existing submission ONLY' instead of 'Both....' see the pictures.

I hope this will help someone else in the future.