Submission send without data

A submission was sent without any data. The form contained mandatory questions, yet submission was allowed. The user informed that he collected the data and saved them, but at the time of submission they were not displayed. I believe that the data were saved but were not visible, so the sending permission even with mandatory questions. What could have happened?

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Are you able to share the XLSForm here? That might help troubleshoot.

It'd also be helpful to have a link to the server you are using.

Thank you very much for the reception and quick service. Below I provide the link to my form:!AmvlG3FjNTR6vDH1b-r2kG-ECWtZ?e=wcDxqI.

Thanks for the guidance. Below I provide the server link:
Data collection is being performed with ODK Collect v2022.2.

Image of how the data arrived on the server. the columns "data" and "veículo" are mandatory:

There's nothing obviously wrong with your form, so I don't think it's a form design issue. Date is required and so it should have been included in the submission.

As the data collector to look at View Sent Form for the bad submission to see if date is there. My guess is that it is.

Next, check the server to see what was received. Since you are using Kobo, ask the Kobo team at for help on that and report back what you find.

I discovered the problem. My data collection project runs virtually 24/7, so any hints or signs of a future problem demand attention.
After submission, the collector user himself deleted the data through his app. When there is permission to delete only the metadata remains.