Submissions from Collect v1.29 are not appearing in custom backend

We have been using ODK collect in Ethiopia to collect and sumbit livestock disease information. However, we found that the latest verion 1.29 is not working well with our system. End users from different site could collect data from field but we are not able to view the data on the web system but we can visualize the data submitted via v 1.25. Would you please support us.

Hi @Gashu
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I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems using ODK Collect. Of course we would love to help but you need to provide more details.
Any errors/crashes is it a problem during sending forms or what?

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Thank you sir for the swift response. Sorry for not introducing myself and for missing pictures. I'll make correction as per your advise.

I'm working as a focal point for disease reporting at Ministry of Agriculture, Ethiopia. We started using ODK since 2016.
We dont exactly know the problem, but reports submitted from some the users is not displayed in our system. We were complaining them as if they were not reporting but they send screenshot of succeful submission of reports. This is happened on the latest version of ODK (1.29). We are trying to figure out with IT guys. But in case if there are similar issues would you pls share and help us.

I haven't heard anything like that recently. I have a few questions:

  1. What server are you using (name + version)?
  2. Are all your devices updated to ODK Collect v1.29 or maybe you have different versions but the problem occurs ONLY on devices with the newest version.

Hi @Gashu,

In addition to the other things, please also confirm 2 points:

  • Please absolutely confirm if the forms have left the phone and submitted to the server. This is a very crucial point. I have worked on scores of projects, and can confirm that field workers get confused quite often about their claims which mislead the project admin a lot. So, you must know that the forms have actually been sent from the phone handset to the server, with a SENT SUCCESS notification.
  • Have you checked the INCOMPLETE SUBMISSIONS section in aggregate? A lot of forms land there as well due to network and other issues.


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Yes, the problem is only with the latest version. Other versions like 1.25 and below are working.

Thank you sir for the explanation. Yes ofcaurse, the success message notification is already shown but we could get the report from the web interface. The IT guys says the report is seen on the formhub server but it's not dispalyed on the system web site. Does the version matter?

Here is the issue reported and you can find the solution.

I faced similar issue. The forms were not listed in new release of ODK Collect.

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Thank you very much, this is almost the same with ours. This is very helpful information. We will try as per the direction given

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