Summary of the 5 New ODK Releases

This is a consolidating announcement email about the 5 updates to ODK
tools that were released this week.

Thank you for all the bug reports, patches, and other contributions.
We couldn't do it without you!

You can download the latest releases here:

and please keep reporting any issues you find here:

ODK Collect v1.1.7 RC2 (Release Candidate #2)

··· ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This release candidate addresses all of the networking issues reported in RC1, fixes backwards compatibility with Aggregate .9x, and contains a number of other minor fixes.

We're waiting on a couple small fixes in underlying libraries before
we finalize 1.1.7 and put it on the Android Market, but we're working
to get that finished and integrated very soon.

ODK Aggregate v1.0 RC2 (Release Candidate #2)

This release improves the new user interface including videos in the
help content and fixes for publishing to Google Fusion tables and
Google Spreadsheets.

Please see the release notes for the steps required when upgrading
from an earlier alpha or beta release to the RC2. An overview of the
changes are also in the release notes:

NOTE: You cannot directly upgrade from Aggregate 0.9.x to Aggregate
1.x as the database structure is incompatible. To help with the
migration we have provided a new Briefcase tool (see below).

Legacy Aggregate v0.9.8

This fixes the Google Spreadsheets publishing failures that began last
weekend. It also includes new functionality to enable the new
Briefcase standalone application to download all the submissions from
a 0.9.8 server to your local machine and to then upload that data into
an ODK Aggregate 1.0 instance. This will be the migration path for
migrating everyone to ODK Aggregate 1.0.

Once Aggregate v1.0 has it's final release we plan to deprecate
Aggregate v0.9.8, and we will only be supporting v0.9.8 until users
have been given a couple of months to upgrade to Aggregate v1.0. To
preform the upgrade you will want to use the Briefcase application to
migrate your data.

ODK Briefcase v1.0 Alpha

Briefcase is a standalone desktop application that provides a
submission-data migration-path across Aggregate 0.9.8 and all further
release candidates and the final 1.0 release (i.e., the appspot
instance might need to change in a future upgrade, but you will be
able to migrate your submission-data into that new appspot instance).

Briefcase downloads all your submission data from Aggregate and
provides a mechanism to move the submission XML and binary data from
Aggregate to your desktop.

ODK FormUploader v1.0 Alpha

FormUploader automates uploading of forms with very large sets of
media files (in excess of 10MB).


These releases update Collect v1.1.7 and Aggregate v1.0 to Release
Candidate 2 stage and we expect the full release to happen by the end
of October. The ODK development team will be transitioning to working
on Collect v1.1.8 and Aggregate v1.1 after the remaining issues are

We had a lot of people from the community provide great feedback and
code that went into this release, and we'd like to thank everyone for
helping to improve and push the project forward! Please keep reporting
any issues you find here: