Support needed to fine-tune an ODK data collection tool and to add feature

I am working for an NGO (GAIN) and I am looking for support to develop or rather fine-tune an ODK data collection tool.
The tool is to be used for data collection on food products in different markets.
The general form content is already developed, but the electronic data collection tool needs to be fine-tuned to facilitate its use (accelerate data collection and analysis).
The collection includes:
• Different geographic areas,
• each area several retail sites,
• in each sites information from several foods may be collected,
• for each food information of several brands/products may be recorded and
• from each brand/product several packaging types may be recorded.

  1. Review and improve the logic and set up of current data collection form to make it efficient to use and easy to adapt for new contexts.
    As the brands and packaging found in different retail sites are usually repetitive, a selection of the relevant brand/product name(s) and packaging type(s) from a given list would facilitate the task and ensure consistent entry of the same brand/product and packaging.
    If a respondent does not find their answer as a choice in a multiple choice question (list of brand names), I would like them to be able to add the option (e.g. new brand name) as an additional item to the list so that it is part of the choices for future data entries.
  2. This feature does not seem to be fully supported by ODK yet and would need to be developed.

In addition to the data collection tool I am interested to:
3. Develop an automated dashboard with key indicators generated from the collected data.

Please contact directly with your CV, if you are interested.

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