Syntax assistance on select_multiple question

I've tried finding this in the support archives but to no avail. Using XLSForm.

I have a select_multiple question comprising two choices. I require both choices to be selected otherwise this question cannot be not advanced to the next.

What is the correct operation/syntax to achieve this?

Hi @panthonyl,

I believe what you're looking to do is use count-selected in the constraint.
A few different constraint options exist for selecting two:
Select 2 exactly: count-selected(.) =2
Select more than 1: count-selected(.) >1
Select 2 or more: count-selected(.) >=2

Please see this attached form, which I believe has the syntax you're looking for.
example_selecttwo.xlsx (14.4 KB)

If I haven't understood your question correctly, then please let me know.
I hope this helps!

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Many thanks @janna . Works perfectly.