Syntax of the display of location data


1. What is the general goal of the feature?

It would be nice if we could choose the syntax of the position data format:

actually : DD°MM'SS.S"

new : DD.DDDDD°

2. What are some example use cases for this feature?

Because it's an easier syntax to copy for external note taking, it's more readable and it's a syntax that we use more often "in my business environment".

It's just an idea for improvement.


As a workaround you can use a calculation and show it in a note :
Geopoint is a "Space-separated list of valid latitude (decimal degrees), longitude (decimal degrees), altitude (decimal meters) and accuracy (decimal meters)"
You can use selected-at(${question}, index) function to get any part of the list.

type name label hint calculation
geopoint point_gps Localisation
calculate coordonnees concat(selected-at(${point_gps},1),’ ; ‘,selected-at(${point_gps},0))
note affichage_coord Coordonnées ${coordonnees}
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As a quick hack, you can see decimal degrees in the navigation view which you can access through the arrow at the top right edge.

To be honest, I prefer decimal degrees and would be open to changing the default.

I think the reason we did not do that initially because we thought DMS would be easier to transcribe.


It's a good idea, I just try it, it works for me.
Thanks Mathieu

Below is my xml example

Test.xml (1.4 KB)

Thanks Florian, Yanokwa for answering.
I had seen when drop-down the questions of the form the format DD.DDDDD° appeared, however it is not very practical, but it helps. Like this format already exists in ODK Collect, it may be easy to show it, that's why i posted. Mathieu brings a solution.


A setting for the desired format in Collect seems an easy enough feature, if we ignore projections (easting and northing vs lat lon).

I know you know this, @Florian_May, but just for the record...

Yes, it is an easy enough feature, but every setting, no matter how small, adds to the maintenance burden. And it's not just code. It's also QA, documentation, translations, screenshots, etc. Not just in Collect, but in Central, pyxform, Enketo, Build, etc. And it's not a one-time effort, it's forever.

I'm very open to figuring out a way to support decimal degrees, but ODK is 14 years old and has a large install base that depend on it because of its deliberate and thoughtful evolution. Nothing is as straightforward or as easy as it looks these days!



Ah and then there's me assuming things about code bases I'm unfamiliar with (Collect, Enketo, pyxform...)

Interesting to hear, thanks for the insight!

Let me revise my comment: that tip of the maintenance iceberg looks deceptively small.


See also ODK Collect: Make Geopoint display format user-configurable DMS or DD, Geopoint recodrs in degree decimal format