Tableau recognizes my geopoint field as string and returns null

Cannot visualize geopoint in Tableau Public (via OData connector). My geopoint field (location) is recognized by Tableau as string and returns 'Null'.

How can I set Tableau to recognize the geopoint field as coordinates and split it into latitude and longitude fields?

Thank you!

Tableau, unfortunately, doesn't have good support for OData. It's why we only recommend Power BI, Excel, Python and R.

Take a look at the API docs at . You can add the $wkt query parameter and set it to true and I believe that will work better. @yanokwa is correct that we haven't had a great experience with Tableau's OData support but it does generally work well for simpler forms.

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Doesn't work with Tableau.

Doesn't work with Tableau. So I just edited my form to extract the latitude and longitude values from the geopoint field using calculate fields and selected-at function.