Tablets on a budget

I need four (cheap!) tablets for a small data collection project in Kosovo for my PhD. I am based in Brussels and the best option so far seems to be the Lenovo Tab E7 (priced at 70euro). Will this work for ODK? It's my first time using ODK so I would appreciate any and all advice! Thank you.

Hi @imaginesurvey,

I've used the Lenovo tablets in a couple of ODK projects and all was fine.
They are reliable but of course cheap means that you can not have all :slight_smile:
Low resolution camera for example (2 MP rear, 0.3MP front ).
They have 3G and not LTE/4G.

But they work fine with ODK.

PS: this post should be in support and not in development I suppose.

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Thanks Aurelio!

I will try and change the post location.

Please remember to close out question threads as 'solved' once you have a solution or a satistactory answer :slight_smile: .

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OK thanks, this was my first ever post so good to know. My best!