Testing forms as an app user

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I am currently testing my forms on an Android device. I have created the app user and given the app user access to all the forms but when I scan the QR code on my tablet I cannot see any forms when I click on 'Fill blank form'. The only way I am currently able to test the forms is by scanning the QR code of each individual form. Any advice?

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Hi Faran,

draft forms can only be tested with the dedicated QRCode.
Once they are published, you have to check which forms you want to allow to you app user in the "form access" tab of the project page.

Hi @mathieubossaert

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Hi all,

Just an additional question, as I cannot test this whilst in draft mode - are there any issues that can arise from one individual data collector being given multiple QR codes, and them collecting data at different sites, using the same device?



Hi Faran,

I understand that you want to create one app user (QRCode) per site and all the data collectors will share a same device to fill the form for their sites.

And I think you question is also relative to this discussion with @LN :

Because you want to use only one shared device, I think you will face the difficulty that Collect will prompt the project name to the user, not the app user's name (@LN will correct me if I am wrong). And it will not be easy for him to choose the good one !

You should also create one project per site with an explicit name but this will make data management a bit more complex.

What I would try in your context is :


  • to create one app_user accessing all the forms (on form per site) explicitly named

And you can also add a start-geopoint question to be sure the data collector was where he was supposed to be when he started the form.