Text piping

Hello everyone and I hope this meets you well.

I have three questions with the same answer. q1,q2, and q3. Both the q1 and q2 are multiple responses. So, I want the responses picked in q1 to be displayed in q2. I used this command: selected(${q1}, name). And it works.

But I have other specify in the q1. I want the text-typed answer to display along with the answer selected in q1.

How can I go about this?

Ciado @bashirmuheeb,

There used to be a work-around to achieve what you want, it still works, however, there seem to be a bug that crashes the app as soon as you apply the choice_filter(). @LN helped fix/clarify a similar scenario in the past and would probably know better is this can indeed be resolved. The crash displays Dependency cycle in <output>s; recursion limit exceeded



When previewed (without choice_filter())


You can test/modify the underlying Text_Piping_ODKForum_2023.xlsx (11.4 KB), I will play more with it and see if i can find better alternatives

Jules R

Hi Ciado and many thanks for the comments. I tried it but unfortunately, it was not working on my xls form.