Time validation

Hi, I want to validate a time in odk form. How can I do?

What exactly do you mean by validate a time? Perhaps you can give an example of inputs your expect and how you'll know if they are valid or not?

For example, you have a question which you want to capture Starting time for doing survey. So I need to validate the question in order to capture the exactly time depending on the actual-time which is reading in the device. What can I do?

You don't need any additional question and validation in this case.
You can use metadata http://xlsform.org/en/#metadata there you can find start, end etc
Additionally, if you need more values you can use our pretty new audit feature which logs times with each event: https://docs.opendatakit.org/form-audit-log/


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Hello guys
Is it possible to use mathematical inqualities to capture a valid time that is not exceeding or fall behind the required time for example this question"At what time do people in your household usually go indoors?"
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Hi @godlove

you can just use constraint, here is a sample form:

If it's not a Time question you can also use this sample

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