Tool to save geo trace and area as KML for mapping

Hi @Marcelo_Raul_SCARONE, of course, that's what I made it for :slight_smile: Just copy-paste your entire column into the box. Every line will be converted into a separate polygon / line in the output KML.

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That would be great! I'll try it later. I'll let you know if it works out for me. I have hundreds of data that I'd like to turn into polygons

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Hi, don't you have any script to convert a geopoint to kml? I don't know how to do it, I've tried in a csv file separating the data into columns so that one column is latitude and the other longitude, but I can't import into google earth.

By default, the sript assigns each line with the corresponding number of shape, being "shape 1", "shape 2", "shape N" ...
It may be a lot to ask, but could you link each line with its corresponding identifier column?

Hi, I've moved my script to a github repo of its own, so that it's easier to propose changes, do pull requests etc. You can find the new link here: , and the code here.

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Hi @Nikhil_VJ,

Sorry to read this thread lately but that showcase would be helpful :

Hello. This script names each line "shape 1", "shape 2", "shape ... N" by default. Is it possible to change this and specifically select an Excel column to name each line? In my case, each line is a polygon of a maize crop that belongs to different farmers. I'd like the farmer's name to appear instead of "shape." Is this possible to do?

This is exactly what I need!