Total calculation

I put area 1; area 2; area3; area4 and area5 respectively for for crop 1, crop2, crop3, crop4 and crop5.
My wish is to calculate a total of area despite the number of crop choose. .
when I choose less than 5 crop (by exemple: crop1 and crop2), to comput the total of area of the 2 crop, it is problem, error message appear.
I need help please.

Hi @msodjinou

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I think you should put those questions in a repeatable group if you want it to work with different number of areas.
Then you can use sum() function to calculate total.
I didn't see your form so I might be wrong so please attach your form if my answer doesn't help you.

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My name is Sodjinou Moïse
Thank you for the answer.
But I'm not satisfied yet.
It is OK if I feel the 5 area for the 5 crop.
But if I choose less than 5 crop, the total calculation of area don't compute.
I put the formula in the calculation column.
The error message appear on total area calculation when the number of crop choose is less than 5.