Tracking of data input by enumerators

Hi family,
I have 2 questions for clarification.

  1. I am conducting survey on cashew yield survey which is going to last for six months. But in the process of collecting the data by the enumerators, I am looking at the possibility of tracking the data they are entering before submission on the server.
    Please is this possible??
  2. Also is it possible if enumerator is half-way through the questionnaire, he can send for checkup.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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Hi @Frimpongeben1,

  1. Not possible to track data before submission
  2. Enumerator will only be able to share data once he/she will submit from collect and that is not editable.

Hope this helps,

Hi Frimpongeben1, our Real-Time Survey platform supports both requests, please PM if you want to follow up as I don't want to make it seem like ads.