Transferring partially completed forms between mobile devices


I am happily using ODK Collect 1.3 and ODK Aggregate 1.3.4.

I am working on a project in which there is an operational need to transfer a partially completed form from one mobile device (A) to another (B) and for the form to then be completed on the second device.

The form itself may exist on both devices, but the form data at first is resident only on the first device. The scenario does not allow data to be transferred directly between the two devices.

I am seeking advice or ideas as to how to achieve this.

My thoughts are:

  1. Device A marks the form as Finalized, but also flags it as requiring transfer to a second device. This might be done through completing a dedicated field with a sentinel value.
  2. Device A then submits the form data to Aggregate.
  3. A new form is created based on the original form which device A had, but with data default values taken from the submitted data. This form becomes available for download from Aggregate.
  4. Device B downloads the "new" form from Aggregate. The questions which were answered on Device A now have the submitted default values.

Step 3 seems problematic.

I understand that there is an in-principle reluctance to allow the submission of partially complete forms to Aggregate - hence the Finalize mechanism. However in this case the intention is to enable the form to be migrated between mobile devices during its lifetime.

Any ideas or input would be appreciated.

Thank you.