Trouble installing Aggregate

I have a related question,

I have already successfully configured aggregate on my computer for a project am running using my google account. This was over a year ago. Now, my colleague at work also wants to use the same PC to set up an aggregate account for her own project, but whenever we try, we keep getting this error message. Friends, what could be the problem

Am relatively new to ODK and have been struggling with a number of issues. One of them is how to update my version of ODK Aggregate. Currently, am using version 1.6.1. I have read various update notes on how to upgrade including not updating to the latest version, but rather going through all the upper versions. I have also used briefcase to back up my data and also disabled submissions. However, at the point of uploading the token to aggregate, I get an error. I am sure that I have not changed the ODK Aggregate Instance, my username, and the application ID. Kindly advise

Hello ODK Users,

I am experiencing a similar problem like @javier. I have been running one project on my account for which I have not enabled any billing yet. When I tried creating a second project, the platform is not enabling me to proceed without enabling billing. What could be the problem or what am I not doing right? Right now, am not ready to enable billing. I plan to do that in the future when I start to run bigger projects, but right now, I would prefer to keep operating within the standard environment using the free quotas. Any assistance?

@Musinguzi_Polycarp You asked a number of questions on a few topics. I've consolidated them into one place because they are related.

  1. If you are trying to use the same PC to setup an Aggregate account for someone else, when you get to the screen that you included in your post, press the Delete Token button first to clear out the old token. That screenshot also suggests you are using an old version. If you are on App Engine, start with Aggregate v1.7.3

  2. As to upgrades, if you are on v1.6.1, going directly to v1.7.3 should be a safe upgrade. I feel even more comfortable recommending that because you've backed up your submissions with Briefcase.

  3. For identity verification purposes, Google now requires a credit card or banking details for new projects. Accounts that meet this requirement receive a recurring $200 monthly credit per billing account. has more.

This is been very helpful. Much appreciated. I guess it's worth trying out digital ocean instead of app engine. Thanks