Trying to get hours and minutes on same page

Hi I am trying to set up a form in excel to create a question that asks about duration of events. I want the screen to show hours and minutes so the person can answer 1 hour 20 mins , 0 hours 45 mins etc. I can only seem to have two separate pages one with hours and the next with minutes. Is there any way I can get this together on one page to avoid confusion?


I realize now I need to get two integer widgets (hours and minutes) on the same screen but how do you set that up in the excel form?

Thank you!!


You can ask questions in group where first question will ask about hours and second will ask about minutes and type of both question can be integer . This can help you .

I am attaching my form as i understand your question .
date_time_group.xlsx (5.0 KB)
date_time_group.xml (1.0 KB)