Two big questions inside the app

Hi everyone! I'm here again, ¿How are you? I’m not using the support's template because I just need your help for two questions.

We are finishing the application in order to collect data around the country, and at this stage we come up with a few doubts.

First of all, Is there any way to obtain on one device a survey that was previously sent to the server? This is for edit it, and then re-upload to the database MODIFYING the same row, not inserting a new one.

Second, At the moment to send a survey to the server, Is there any way to automatically assign an unique alphanumeric ID for that survey? What I want is in addition to the incremental ID of the database. Something like: A001, for example.
If the question before is affirmative, How do I it? ¿Modifyng the Java code? ¿Or from the xls/xml?

That’s all, thanks very much. Regards from Argentina!

Hi @varilla, you can find all your data in you phone file manager in the folder named odk, inside the odk folder you will find instance folder, this is where all your filled forms are save during and after you sent it to the server, you can look for the form you want and edit it and use odk collect to resend it to the server. with surveycto collect, you can easily restore the all the sent forms from that phone to the surveycto collect's edit forms page and from there you can easily edit it and resend it to the server.

yes it is possible to create unique id like A001, first you have to make sure that you label/code all the users and the respondents too should be given numbers beginning from 1, hence if John is coded to be A, and he meet his first respondent, then you can concatenate the user and the respondent to give A1, and if you want to see it as A001, you can give a condition to the number of the respondent, like if respondent number is less than or equal to 9 give 00, etc. with this you can have a clear unique id of your own, there are several unique id's you can create, if you need more help or clarifications on this, let us know so that we will give you samples



Hi Fabla! Thanks for the reply, i have a few doubts, but u help me a lot :slight_smile:

I see the files in the odk/instance folder, that's great... but, with ODK I can't edit and resend, i can only view the answers i choosed for that survey, no more. SurveycTo is not free, whatever i created an account for prove it. ¿Is there any way to edit and resend from ODK? ¿Or something like that? ¿From aggregate panel maybe? Thanks.

Here the codification is this: three (3) letters and seven (7) numbers, like AUH0000001, where AUH means "Asignación Universal por Hijo", the name of the social plan, and the seven numbers are the ID of the survey for us (because the total of surveys/respondents around the country are around a million). In the future maybe the alphanumeric ID will be "RNP0001", because RNP is another social plan and the numbers of survey are minor, like thousands, not millions. I hope you understood my explanation, mi english is not so good.
I'd really appreciate if u send me an example for do the codification, because i dont know how to create it. In my survey, the users are registered in a CSV support file, but the respondents isn't. Is possible to create the alphanumeric codification without the registered respondents?

Thank u very much Fabla, regards.

Hi @varilla I have put together some thing small to see if it will be okay for you.

below are the sample file for the generation of the ID, but i have limited the zero to only 3 zeros, you can increase that in you work, i have included the enumerator number to make it unique from every enumerator. try it and give us the feedback thank. you.

unique_id.xml (4.7 KB)
unique_id.xlsx (48.0 KB)

Thank you

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@Fabla , thanks for the reply. It's good, but it isn't what i need. I haven't the respondent number, and the Unique ID should be incremental based on the database Unique ID, not of the respondent number. For example, if the first survey in the server have the Unique ID "AUH001", the survey that i will send should have the Unique ID "AUH002". But if you sent another survey before me, my survey will have de Unique ID "AUH003". Do you understand me?

Anyway, thank you very much for your time and your help.

I understand you but for now it is not possible that way because the server will not be able to do that, what I will suggest is that you can generate that ID using stata do-file after you have downloaded the data from the server.


Hello all, I found all his answers very helpful. Thanks great Fabla.

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