Two way communication between server and Collect

is it possible to have have two way communication between the server and the odk collector .

It is possible to have Collect check for updated or new forms and automatically download them.
It is possible to have Collect automatically submit finalized forms.
What do you want communicated between Collect and the Central server?

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Is it possible to customize the ODK Collect so that we have following feature?

  1. Two-way synchronization
  2. Inter survey link
  3. Two-way synchronization means syncing the data between aggregate server and ODK Collect so that a surveyor can have all the data collected by other surveyor in his device also.
  4. Inter form link means is there any way to make one survey able to check some validation and constraint between other survey in the device.
  5. Is it possible to allow ODK to send out notifications about data in the database? (Server). We want something along the lines of.. So, for all of this to work, there must be two-way communication between the ODK Collector and the Server
  6. I want the user to be able to retrieve information from ODK server for secondary use. Vie ODK.

Those things are not possible with ODK. You might explore ODK-X, which is a different project. You can learn more about it in their documentation ( and on their forum (

noted thank you very much